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My primary interests lie in mate choice and mental health research from a quantitative perspective. In mate choice research I investigate the key positive and negative dimensions of potential partner evaluation: the dealmakers and dealbreakers of mate choice. I study what mate value is, its role on the mating market, and what factors affect self-perceived mate value. I am also interested in how mate preferences are integrated into the mate choice decision and what model has the best predictions. My research on mental health targets how childhood socioeconomic background affects depression and cognition. I also study longitudinal associations between later-life depression, cognition, and physical health. Further, I marry mate choice research with mental health research and I study how couples affect each others' well-being and mental health.

I use various statistical methods. Confirmatory Factor Analysis: I am passionate about exploring the key dimensions of partner perception. Growth Mixture Modeling: I conducted studies extracting meaningful distinct longitudinal latent trajectories using this unsupervised method. Mediation Analysis: may it be longitudinal mediation or cross sectional, I am always up to figuring out a path model.

Zsófia Csajbók, M.A., Ph.D.
Akademická a vědecká pracovnice
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